The Count Széchenyi Ödön Firefighting Training Academy holds a dominant market position among airport firefighting trainings. It began operations in 2013, in Hungary.

Initially, we trained the firefighters with Fokker 100 aircraft simulators at six airports. We take great pride in the fact that over the past 5 years nearly 150 Hungarian airport firefighters have received training in accordance with ICAO recommendations.

2019 saw a major breakthrough in the life of the Academy. We developed A320 aircraft simulation equipment for the airport fire services which is quite close to reality and provides continuous practice opportunities for all types of incidents that might come to pass at an airport.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive firefighting training - primarily for airport firefighters - where the participants are able to prepare for real-life situations.

In addition to management of emergency events, our activities also include:
- Training of airport support staff (police, ambulance service, ground support staff)
- Workshop organization
- Emergency situation and incident trainings.

So - choose us!

Prior to the trainings, our professional team maps the client's airport, takes into account their specifics, and then prepares the detailed task plan and basic situations tailored to individuals and teams. Adapting to these characteristics, and within these parameters, we typically expose individuals to physical and mental effects during real events in groups of 2-5 people. During the exercises, we place a strong emphasis on the acquisition of life-saving skills - the purpose of which is for the student to routinely recognize and apply rescue practices that increase their chances of survival.

Our company provides a full range of services for the duration of theoretical and practical training, which includes: - Three meals a day;
- 4-star accommodation;
- shuttle service to and from training.

In addition, with cost effectiveness in mind, we provide full personal protective equipment for practical training for each student. They need bring nothing.

Finally, at the request of the client, we can prepare complete video documentation of the practice. You can view the activities of the intervention staff continuously during the training, including access to live contact.