"In the heart of Europe for the safe air transport"

In 2014, the European Commission published Regulation (EU) No 139/2014, which regulates aircraft-related operational tasks. The Union has granted a four-year grace period for airport operators to comply with the legislation. So from 1 January 2018, stakeholders will have to operate in the new regulatory environment.

Due to legal compliance, Irinyi II, together with the Venture Capital Fund, the Detka Training Limited Liability Company was established with the aim of establishing a training base in Central and Eastern Europe that meets the requirements of uniform legislation.

Our company operates on the basis of a license issued by the Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Thanks to European Union directives, our educational modules and practical training are accepted by the authorities of all Member States.

The regulation imposes strict conditions on the operation of the airport fire brigade - an important part of which is the continuous ongoing training of staff. It is the responsibility of the airport operator to provide the service with a firefighting practice that provides an opportunity to prepare for the elimination of a possible aircraft incident under real circumstances. DETKA offers flexible training solutions in accordance with this legal obligation.

„139/2014 SUBPART D - SURVEILLANCE (ADR.OR.D) 8. A safety training program to ensure that personnel involved in operations, rescue and firefighting activities and airport maintenance and oversight, are appropriately trained and competent for the safety management system tasks; ”

In general terms, airport operators do not possess or provide adequate trainings (tools and modules) nor are their company infrastructures adequately set up to accommodate same.

According to the European Union regulation, the basic training of airport firefighters is a so-called “special training” to be completed during the first 12 months of entering the service. In the following period, each member of staff must attend one refresher training every 12 months.