Theoretical training

The right qualification is important since the decision must be made within 30 seconds.

The theoretical element of your training consists of the following modules:

1. presentation of airport;
2. presentation of aircraf;
3. safety of rescue and firefighting personnel;
4. emergency communication systems at the airport, including aircraft fire alarmsk;
5. use of fire extinguishers;
6. use of types of extinguishing agents;
7. assistance in emergency evacuation of aircraft;
8. firefighting operations;
9. use and operation of structural rescue and fire-fighting equipment for aircraft rescue and firefighting;
10. handling of dangerous goods;
11. presentation of the tasks of each airport service on the basis of the airport emergency plan;
12. procedures to be followed in reduced visibility conditions;
13. human performance, team coordination;
14. protective clothing and respiratory protection;
15. knowledge of composite materials;
16. recognition of aircraft systems during emergency operations.